I Lead. I Serve.

To lead is to serve. This is what we learn in Rosehill. Leadership is entirely about
service and we lead by example.

PAREF Rosehill is one big family. And we learn from our teachers, mentors and
classmates from the first day of school to the end of each academic year. And we
will bring this great lesson of leadership and service as we journey to see our dreams
fulfilled, in the university, at the workplace, in society, always trying to live by our
Alma Mater’s vision. As we sing it in our hymn, “To lead and to serve is our life-long


Testimonies of Happy Rosehill Families

Andee, a Grade Three girl, commented to a teacher, “Miss, I’m saving money
so I can donate half of it to Rosehill chapel and half to the chapel in our village. When
I grow up, I want to be a saint!”
Andee’s parents would tell her, “It’s hard to be a saint…but we can surely
work for it, together as a family. And we are grateful because sending you to Rosehill
gets half of the job done!”


Issa Baron, whose daughter has been in Rosehill for nine years said,
“Parenthood becomes so much easier with the support system in PAREF Rosehill.
They help us nurture children with goals and character. I’m happy to be a Rosehill


Dr. Luisa Cordero, whose four daughters are in Grades 3, 5, 6& 7, is happy
because “we can see in them a sense of responsibility, leadership, service and strive
for excellence.”

Rosehill is more than a school for girls; it is a community of families, where
pursuit of excellence, forging of character and social responsibility become possible
through the collaboration of parents, teachers and students, management and staff.
And the experience and testimonies of parents and students say it all – that they are
happy in Rosehill.